Coming Soon - UK TV Show to be collecting submissions!


American Idol meet star search for the film industry, with an added benefit of variety acts we can use in the film

16 shows to one season.

"Wanne be" contestants are vying for the opportunity to be the star in a Stardom UK feature film, in our "next" film. There will be three celebrity judges and a celebrity MC host.

The male and female contestants will come out, much like they do on American Idol, and they will act out a scene from a famous film. We will be doing this more than likely in a theater setting because there will be immediate reconstruction of set design, as an example, going from a hospital scene to a scene in a courthouse, with the proper setting to showcase each one

As the male or female contestant is about to begin, on each show we will have a special celebrity guest. That guest will be hopefully a celebrity from the film that we are doing the scene from

As an illustration, if the scene was the courtroom scene of “A few good men“, how it would work---- Jack Nicholson and the applicant would playoff in the mock courtroom scene acting it out-----"YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

Additionally, our film will have a place for certain acts that will also be showcased in front of the world per show.

As an example, if the show requires a magic act, then magicians will come out for the first three or four shows in a specific time during the show and compete for the audience and the judges selection. The magic act may happen in the middle of the show to break it up but it will be explained that whatever magician is picked in this illustration, they will be in the feature film, once we launch. Or perhaps, a gymnastics act would audition or whatever the film requirements were. The MC would explain that the best magic act would be selected and would definitively be in our next film.