Music and Score

To All you incredible musicians out there. We’re giving you the opportunity of a lifetime. Send us your best music that you believe could fit some element inside our film and showcase your music to the entire world.

As an example of films that have used music to an incredible advantage, please consider the musical clips below realizing they had absolutely nothing to do, for the most part, with the theme of the film, with the exception of Rocky, of course, but they were instrumental in making the film that much better and launching the careers of the musicians behind the soundtracks.

We believe that music is an integral part of entertainment and every single one of our films will have some element of excellent music portrayed inside the film and as the film is unveiled or ending with screen credits. This is your best opportunity ever to gain worldwide universal a claim for your talent and your product. We look forward to hearing the best of what you’ve got Bring it on!!!

The Good the Bad and the Ugly


The Lion King